Airistech Headbanger 2 in 1 Dab & Dip Vaporizer

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Airistech Headbanger ReviewFeatures(1). Glass water bubbler airflow mouthpiece (2). Convenient Dip & Dab design: dual atomizer dab&dip atomizer,unique multifunctional wax vapor pen (3). Quartz heating chamber: Qcell quartz heating (4). Replaceable parts: Glass water bubbler / Q2 dab coil / Q1 dip co..

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Airistech Headbanger Review


(1). Glass water bubbler airflow mouthpiece
(2). Convenient Dip & Dab design: dual atomizer dab&dip atomizer,unique multifunctional wax vapor pen
(3). Quartz heating chamber: Qcell quartz heating
(4). Replaceable parts: Glass water bubbler / Q2 dab coil / Q1 dip coil / Quartz jar
(5). Turn on/off: 5 times click on power button, then 3 times click for voltage adjustable
(6). Heating method: Dap&vap,Dip&vape


(1). Size: 38 x 20 x 127
(2). Output: 3.4-4.0V
(3). Battery: 1500 mAh
(4). Color: Black, Rainbow, Red, Blue

Package include

(1). Device * 1
(2). Q1 Tip Coil * 1
(3). Cleaning Brush * 1
(4). Bubbler * 1
(5). USB Cable * 1
(6). Q2 Dab Coil * 1
(7). Dab Tool * 1
(8). Magnetic Cap * 1
(9). Quartz Jar * 2

Airistech Headbanger Quartz Vaporizer Instructions


The Head Banger quartz vaporizer is a dual-function vape best used with wax concentrates that features two cutting-edge heating methods. Each has a patented Q-cell fritted quartz atomizer.

The different coils each offer a distinctive concentrate experience. The Airistech Headbanger dip & dab wax vaporizer can be used to take massive rips or quick, discrete hits.

The Q1 Dip Atomizer is perfect for stealth and portability. The Atomizer is also very simple to use and takes only minimal preparation. First, turn the device on, then dip the fritted quartz atomizer into the material you wish to vape, then press the button to start heating.

Airistech includes a removable quartz container made of glass which can be attached to the Headbanger's cap. This feature makes it super easy to enjoy dipping while on the move. Simply take off the cap, indulge in your concentrates and pack it up within seconds – no more fooling about with other containers and accessories.

The included fritted quartz glass bucket is super powerful and delivers massive hits. The glass bucket is very deep and heats quickly, which means it can deliver big hits quickly. Fritted glass quartz incites better absorption when compared to other quartz glass pieces. This results in thick vapor and serious flavor.

No matter which heating method you use, you will always have the water bubbler accessory. The bubbler accessory filters all of the vapor through the water to give clean vapor for every puff.

The Headbanger by Airistech uses a whopping 1500mah li-ion battery, controlled by the device's single button. The wattage output control can be adjusted by tapping the button three times. The three different settings are designed to cater for an assortment of waxy type oils. The LED light signals when the voltage output is changed by displaying a different colored light. The light also signals when the device is locked or unlocked and shines red when it is charging.

What's more on Airistech Headbanger Dip And Dab Vaporizer

  1. Qcell Quartz Technology

The innovative Qcell Quartz Technology is entirely unique and gives a seriously unadulterated taste, high absorption and huge vapor.

  1. Variable Voltage

To adjust the voltage output, press the button on the device thrice. The LED will display the following combinations:

  • Green = 3.4V
  • Blue = 3.7V
  • Red=4.0V

  1. Replaceable & Portable Quartz Jar

The reservoir cover includes a quartz jar that can be used for storing wax and dip vaping.

  1. Large Battery Capacity

The massive 1500mah battery can last for ages without a charge and helps to deliver the massive hits that this device is capable of.

  1. Glass Water Bubbler

The glass water bubbler and mouthpiece helps to produce clean and fresh vapor.

  1. Micro USB

The micro-USB charging port makes it easy and convenient to recharge with any power output device.

  1. Magnetic Connection Cover

The tank cover features magnetic connectors that secure the cover in place for security.

  1. High-end Metallic Feeling

The bulk of the Headbanger is made from aluminum, which is a strong and hard-wearing material that gives the device a premium feel.

FQA for Airistech Headbanger Quartz Vaporizer Problems

  1. How Airistech Headbanger works and what should you do before you using it?

Before using the Headbanger, take out the spill-proof bubbler and refill it. Then decide on how and what you want to vape. To use the device as a nectar collector, fasten the atomizer to the bottom of the device and attach the mouthpiece. Then turn the device on with five clicks of the button.

  1. How to Dip?

When dipping with the Headbanger, you won't need any extra tools. Fasten the touch coil at the bottom, connect the glass bubbler, click the button to contact the concentrate, then inhale.

  1. How to Dab?

Switch to the other dab coil and connect to the other end of the device, attach the glass bubbler, then press the button and inhale.

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