G Pen Nova Lxe Vaporizer Kit For Concentrate

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G Pen Nova Lxe Vaporizer Kit For Concentrate ReviewG Pen Nova LXE InstructionsOverviewG Pen Nova LXE is among the most innovative products you will find on the market. It is an upgraded version of G Pen Nova vaporizer with more power and impressive design. The unit offers terrific features like the ..

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G Pen Nova Lxe Vaporizer Kit For Concentrate Review

G Pen Nova LXE Instructions


G Pen Nova LXE is among the most innovative products you will find on the market. It is an upgraded version of G Pen Nova vaporizer with more power and impressive design. The unit offers terrific features like the pure ceramic atomizer, patented reverse airflow technology, and variable voltage battery. All in all, you can be assured that this is quite a powerful G Pen, which would not let you down.

From the exterior, Nova LXE looks pretty standard. However, it is the charcoal grey finish that the unit is provided with that makes it distinguished from other vape pens. From the inside, the device has quite a lot of differences from other pens. The mouthpiece is particularly worthy of mention as it has a dab tool incorporated in it. This tool is quite impressive in terms of performance and is manufactured from stainless steel. Thus, it is one less accessory that you will need to worry about taking with you at all times. Since it is detachable, cleaning should not be an issue with you.


  • The battery can easily be used with all 510-threaded tanks
  • Equipped with heating chamber made from 100% ceramic
  • Features reverse airflow with check ball valve system
  • Powered by 650mAh battery that has micro USB pass-through charging
  • Provided with three variable voltage settings along with Extended Draw mode

Package Includes

  • 1 X G Pen Nova LEX Battery
  • 1 X G Pen Nova LEX Tank
  • 1 X Micro USB to USB Charging Cable

What's more on G Pen Nova LEX?

  1. Compact Appearance

This G Pen Nova LXE is provided with the kind of design that you would be happy to flaunt. It has a sleek look with a well-built body. To top it, the matte black is something that would always be in style. The LED ring is a nice touch. Attention is paid to ensure that nothing looks overdone. This is one of those devices that do not look flashy but instead impress with their minimalist appearance.

  • Incorporated with Upgrade Battery

The upgrade, which is perhaps most worthy of mention, is the battery that the unit is powered with. The original was provided with a 300mAh battery. In contrast, this one has a powerful 650mAh battery to boast of.

Furthermore, the upgraded battery features variable voltage settings with options of 3.2V, 3.6V, and 4.1V. Thus, you can enjoy different types of experiences with your vaping device. For a powerful draw, you can opt for lower voltages while the higher ones will provide you with thicker vapor.

  • Portable Vaporizer

The vaporizer is the size of a pen. Thus, it is highly convenient and can be used anywhere with ease. You would not even feel its presence in your pocket.

  • Easy to use

Nova LXE, like all other budget wax pens, is quite user-friendly. It is operated via a single button and thus is quite simple to understand. You would not have to explain its mechanism of action to anyone. A bit of guidance is all one would need to get desired results. The redesigned mouthpiece makes cleaning even more feasible.

  • The Patented Air Flow Design

G Pen Nova is provided with a patented airflow design you would not have seen in any other vaporizer. This design that is reverse airflow, ensures that the temperatures of the chamber remain consistent. The concentrates are thus easily vaporized.

  • High Quality of vapor

The ceramic concentrate chamber that forms part of the G Pen LEX provides satisfactory results in terms of performance. The flavor of the vapor is not affected by ceramic materials. Therefore, you get to enjoy the pure taste of concentrates. Even the most subtle differences of different strains can be felt in the flavor via this unit.

GPen Nova LEX vs GPen Nova

Nova LXE is an upgraded version of the original G Pen Nova. The original first Nova was designed as a dual-vaporizer that could be used for vaping dry herbs as well. However, Grenco decided to shift its focus only on concentrates. A lot of differences are apparent between the two devices. For one thing, the built-in dab tool that forms part of LXE is higher in terms of quality since it is made from stainless steel instead of silicon as in Nova.

Nova LXE is powered by a battery with a higher capacity of 650mAh, which nearly double than that of Nova. The higher power ensures that LXE offers more variations in voltage selection compared to the original. A glaring difference between the two units is the feature of improved airflow in LXE. It creates bigger clouds with lower draw resistance.

Therefore, if you are looking for a reliable concentrate vaporizer, G Pen Nova LXE is one that we would definitely recommend.

FAQ On G Pen Nova LEX Problems

  • How to use G Pen Nova LEX?

  1. After removing the mouthpiece from the battery, unscrew the dab tool attachment from it
  2. Place wax into the atomizer, using the dab tool.
  3. Once the wax is placed, you can reattach the dab tool to the mouthpiece following which the mouthpiece section is screwed onto the battery
  4. The power button has to be pressed five times for turning on the unit
  5. Pressing the power button thrice allows you to select the voltage setting
  6. You can start inhaling from the mouthpiece once heating is done.

  • How to clean the G Pen Nova LEX?

Cleaning Nova LXE is not something that you are likely to have trouble with, even though there is an additional component in the form of a dab tool that you have to deal with. You can easily clean this tool by using a cotton swab soaked in isopropyl alcohol to wipe it down. The ceramic atomizer can also be cleaned similarly. But burn off might be necessary to deal with a stubborn residue. Sticky residues can be melted away by setting the unit to the highest possible voltage.

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