Kangvape Klasik 510 Thread Vaporizer 650mAh

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Kangvape Klasik Kit: 510 Thread CBD Vape Box Mod 650mah ReviewKangvape Klasik InstructionsOverviewKangvape Klasik Kit introduces compact and lightweight designs with high quality carbon fiber to create a strong 650mAh battery and 510 thread cartridge vaporizer. Easily adjustable controls and high en..

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Kangvape Klasik Kit: 510 Thread CBD Vape Box Mod 650mah Review

Kangvape Klasik Instructions


Kangvape Klasik Kit introduces compact and lightweight designs with high quality carbon fiber to create a strong 650mAh battery and 510 thread cartridge vaporizer. Easily adjustable controls and high end grip technology create a convenient experience for you.

The Klasik CBD vape mod's high functioning firing ability that is built along the side of the mod allows for its ease of access.This vape mod is compact, light, and easily concealable to allow discreet use on the go. Quick sessions while travelling are made easy with an easy to use firing trigger that is hidden on the side.

To turn on the this vape kit, simple press the button five times simultaneously. The LED light will flash on top of the device in one of four bright colors (white, green, blue, or red) that signify the battery life that remains in the it.

To select the ideal voltage power for you, simply press the button three times. Kangvape Klasik provides four preset settings that will allow you to choose the right voltage for you quickly for better use of wide ranges of oils. With each voltage setting, the bright LED indicator will demonstrate a unique color depending on the setting that you've chosen.

The state of the art Klasik CBD vape kit includes a mode set for preheating that allows ease of access to temperate consistency to compliment your materials while clearing any potential blockages. With preheat settings, your device will heat without problems in colder climates. To use this preheat setting, simply press the button twice to allow the Klasik Vaporizer to set a warm heat for your cartridge that works up to 15 seconds each time you use it. Cancel this programmed setting at any time by pressing the button once more during this process.

Along with your Kangvape Kit comes a deluxe K5 glass oil cartridge that is easily refillable to heat any CBD oil you'd like straight from the box. Simply twist the gunmetal mouthpiece and drip 0.5mL of concentrated oil of your choosing while carefully avoiding the center post. After this process is finished, simply reassemble the device and you're ready to go.

Wickless ceramic designs offer great power at your fingertips. Vapor quality and size are unbeatable when it comes to the wickless ceramic devices. The Klasik Mod was created to support upwards of 510 atomizers that exist on the market today that measure in diameter up to 11mm. Simply combine the magnetic adapter with your cartridge for safe storage in the mod's port.

Kangvape Klasik Vape Kit Features

  • Easily concealed and travel friendly design
  • Strong zinc alloy design
  • Connection abilities for 510 spring load / up to 11mm diameter supported by port
  • Reliable magnetic adapter for secure connection (includes 1 pre-installed)
  • Four voltage power settings designed to incorporate a wide range of concentrated oils
  • Quick hidden button operation
  • LED indicator displays battery life and setting of voltage
  • Micro-USB charging that supports pass-through connection
  • Quality gunmetal k5 glass oil cartridge (refillable) included
  • Stainless steel and glass Pyrex materials
  • Quad port wickless ceramic device heating technology

Kangvape Klasik Vaporizer Specifications

  • Color: gold, gunmetal, silver, colorful, black and camo
  • Size: 38mm(L)*24mm(W)*72mm(H)
  • Mod hole diameter: 12mm
  • Battery Capacity: 650mah
  • Atomizer Resistance: 1.5ohm
  • Atomizer Capacity: 0.5ml
  • Voltage Range: 3.0v-3.4v-3.7v-4.0v
  • Thread: 510 thread

Kangvape Klasik Kit Package Includes

  • 1×Klasik box mod
  • 1×K3 ceramic atomizer
  • 1×magnet ring
  • 1×USB cable

More Details About Kangvape Klasik

  1. Discreet, Light, And Compact

The kit is easily concealable at only 2.25 inches high and slightly over an inch wide. Just a light squeeze to its sides initiate a hidden firing bar to be activated for quick and concealed sessions on the go.

  1. Preheat Battery With 650mah Capacity

The Kangvape Klasik Cartridge Battery Kit includes a quality 650mah output battery. This Klasik starter kit also contains a high functioning preheating function that allows the Klasik vape kit to work efficiently and smoothly every time. With the press of a button twice, the Klasik Vaporizer allows a low heat to warm your own cartridge up to 15 seconds at a time. Cancel this process at any time with another click of the button.

  1. Cartridges Supported Up To 11mm In Diameter

The Klasik starter mod is designed with a 510 thread connection to a port that allows most cartridges up to 11mm in diameter to fit properly. Kangvape Klasik includes a refillable K5 glass oil piece that helps you to efficiently heat your concentrated oils the first time.

  1. High Functioning LED Light Indicator Shows Battery Life and Setting of Voltage

An LED indicator built on top of the mod flashes in one of four bright colors that indicate its remaining battery life as it is turned on and off.

  • White: 100-80%
  • Green: 80-60%
  • Blue: 60-40%
  • Red: 40-10%

This LED function also displays the voltage setting that your device is currently using. Kangvape Klasik CBD Box Mod Kit includes varied voltage ranges along with four preset voltage settings in order to provide you with the perfect cycle for your favorite concentrated oils. To cycle through these settings, squeeze the button three times simultaneously and choose the best for your device.

  • Red: 3.2V
  • Blue: 3.5V
  • Green: 3.8V
  • White: 4.1V

  1. Quality Designed Stainless Steel and Glass Pyrex

The Klasik box mod is made of high-quality glass Pyrex and stainless steel materials along with a sleek gunmetal finish that hold up to 0.5mL of oil to offer you the greatest of CBD vape designs. This great device heats your favorite concentrated oils through a wickless ceramic core along with quad oil inlet ports to allow large clouds at your command.

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