Vandy Vape Kylin M RTA 3ml - Mesh RTA

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Vandy Vape Kylin M RTA 3ml - Mesh RTA ReviewVandyvape Kylin M RTA InstructionsOverviewPros:Functional, mesh coil for long useInnumerable varieties of mesh style coilsTop refilling design, prevents spoiling hands and oil leakageTrapezoidal airflow intake, inviting flavorCeramic sharpnel design for he..

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Vandy Vape Kylin M RTA 3ml - Mesh RTA Review

Vandyvape Kylin M RTA Instructions



  1. Functional, mesh coil for long use
  2. Innumerable varieties of mesh style coils
  3. Top refilling design, prevents spoiling hands and oil leakage
  4. Trapezoidal airflow intake, inviting flavor
  5. Ceramic sharpnel design for heat resistance

There are various kinds of Kylin RTA: Kylin (original), Kylin Mini, and Kylin V2. Mesh 24 RTA was also produced by Vandy Vape for mesh heating substances.

Kylin M RTA of Vandy Vape provides long-lasting and expendable mesh coil. Due to this, the usage of the coil is prolonged to a greater extent. The major problem with Mesh RTA is that the cotton wicking matter slumps out and dry hits start occurring. To solve this problem, cotton is put at the bottom of the mesh which adheres onto it, as shown on the Profile RDA.

It has an airflow intake at the top through which oil leakage can be avoided easily. The trapezoidal airflow intake along with the honeycomb intake air hole creates an enormous cloud as well as an inviting and a subtle flavor. Furthermore, the ceramic sharpnel design, build deck, stimulates the repression, concerned with various types of the volume of cotton. It lessens the speed of heating up as well. Convenient and conveyable feelings are present as a result of the top refilling device along with the internal juice diversion channel.

Vandyvape Kylin Mesh RTA Package Includes

1 x Kylin M RTA 3 ml

2 x Mesh Coil 0.2 ohm

2 x Mesh Coil 0.15 ohm

2 x Cotton Laces

1 x Extra Glass 4.5 ml

1 x Resin Drip Tip

1 x User Manual Guide

1 x Bag

Vandy vape Kylin M RTA Specifications

Size: 24×34 mm

Mesh build deck with cotton support

Top alterable airflow – no leakage

Honeycomb airflow

Capacity: 3 ml (standard) / 4.55 ml (bubble glass)

Top refill – rotate the top cap

Gold plated projecting 510 pin

Top airflow Technology

The honeycomb airflow intake; no leakage tolerated. For high vaporization and attractive flavor, honeycomb intake air hole and the trapezoidal airflow channel.

Mesh Style Coil

Substantial long service life and mesh coils that can be replaced. One can select multiple mesh coils in various resistance depending on their usage habits.

Long-lasting functionality and an expendable mesh coil. For every individual user, there are different mesh style coils, depending on the level of tolerance and resistance.

How to build and wick the Kylin RTA?

  1. To pull out atomizer, spin it. Then in the deck, fix the replaceable mesh coil.
  2. Insert the cotton in the hollow part of the mesh. The cotton used should be less and kept soft. Once the wick is pushed into the coil, pull the ends so that the wick remains leveled. Cut it with the help of scissors. The edge of the round RTA deck, as well as wicks sticking out, can be seen from the top. For splitting the wick, the easiest way is to go after the outline of the deck of the RTA.
  3. Before refilling, prepare the wicks and wait for the liquid for it to be completely absorbed. Finally, refill the e-juice and have a pleasant vaping experience.

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